Past exhibitions

Florent Frizet
Love Story

19.05.2018 - 16.06.2018

In 1817, during his exile in Brussels, Jacques Louis David painted the work Love and Psyche depicting Cupid and Psyche.

Florent Frizet driven from his passion about the history of painting and especially for the genre of history painting attempts to revisit the Old Masters. True istoria such us biblical and religious scenes but also fabula such as pagan myths, allegories and mythology intrigue him. In the recent years the popularity of this genre has widely been waned. Frizet tries to revise its themes and form through an attempt to discover how certain gestures and figures have survived until today. The reactivation of emblematic paintings is a process of researching art history, an attempt to place them in todays’ sociopolitical context. The characters lose their identity and the landscapes become a land without a name where the ideas and the lost virtues dominate. 

Florent Frizet (b. 1989) born in France, currently lives in Athens. He has graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Lyon. Selected exhibitions include Athens and its periphery in regards to contemporary paintings, The Breeder Gallery, Athens (2017), Even Closer to the Stars at the Institut Francais, Athens (2017), Elysee, Super, Athens (2017) and more.

Artists & designers from the Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut occupy Stoa42

19.05.2018 - 16.06.2018

Artists & designers from the Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam

Every Wednesday and Saturday, from May 19th to June 16th at 20.00

Stoa 42, Panepistimiou 42, Athens


Stoa 42 is pleased to host a series of events organized by artists and designers from the Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. A rapid succession of short term exhibitions, performances and events, created especially for the space by Leslie, Leo, Dani, Walter, Rachele, Sun Chang, Tomasz, Anna, Andrea, Quentin, Selma and David.


This March, many of the group walked two-hundred kilometres from Delphi to Athens and, having arrived, decided to stay. They worked first within a former hospital clinic turned community centre and then came to Omonia square, where they made their new headquarters, with all members, in the empty halls of the Bageion hotel.


Over a course of five weeks, from May 19th to June 16th, every Wednesday and Saturday at 20.00 we expect you to join us at Stoa 42 to experience both the individual and communal adventures of this exciting group as they continue their journey in Athens.


Saturday 19 May – Introducing…, by Leslie Lawrence & Leo Ravy
Wednesday 23 May – Dani’s Astral Workshop From…, by Dani Andres
Saturday 26 May – "Parts of this are non cerebral"...Adventure time with mister Hanuman, by Walter Götsch
Wednesday 30 May – Dippold’s Delusions, by Rachel Monti
Saturday 02 June – Posa Lefta, by Tomasz Skibicki
Saturday 09 June – Αυτό το κάτι άλλο, by Jean-François Peschot & Sun Chang
Wednesday 13 June – Gucci Nugget
Saturday 16 June – Take a memory of Greece, David Haack Monberg

Panos Profitis & Despina Charitonidi
Fragile Nets

28.03.2018 - 15.04.2018

Stoa 42 is pleased to present Fragile Nets a show by Panos Profitis and Despina Charitonidi curated by Eleni Riga.


The exhibition deals with urban ecologies, the fragile networks of relationships and interactions in the center of Athens, taking as a starting point the closed metal grids of stoa 42.

The grid indicates any network of any number of dimensions literally or metaphorically and is often used in physics to describe physical phenomena and their interaction, such as gravity or electromagnetic fields. At the center of the exhibition Fragile Nets, there is the repeated pattern of the grid in an attempt to capture the fragile urban reality. As a starting point, Profitis and Charitonidi, take the exhibition space itself, an old photographic shop, which has been operating for 40 years in the center of Athens and closed, like most of the companies at the same walkway, with the change of technology, the transition from analog to digital photography and in parallel the economic crisis. Their in situ intervention is a result of close observation of the transformation of the urban landscape and the study of the psychology of its inhabitants. The networks of people and narratives create fragile urban ecologies, interconnected and interdependent.


The image of the closed metal grids becomes the new stereotypical image of Greece constrasting EOT (Greek National Tourism Organization) advertisements. The metal grids have a dual role: οn one hand, they ensure the protection of private property against the demonstrations, characteristic of the city center and thus the sense of security, comfort and social status. On the other hand, they remind us of the control of patriarchal and capitalist society, policing and constant monitoring with modern technical means. These stores seem to be on hold, waiting for a continuously deferred tomorrow.


Panos Profitis (b. 1988, Athens) lives and works in Athens and Antwerp. He has studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp and at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. In 2017 he had his first solo show at the Annie Gentils Gallery in Belgium. He has represented Greece at the Young Artist Biennial in Ancona, Italy, in 2013. He has participated in group shows in Greece and abroad.


Despina Charitonidi (b.1991, Athens) lives and works in Athens and Leipzig. She has studied at the University of Fine Arts in Rome and Utrecht. Her work has been presented at: MACRO -  Factory Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (2013), in Londonewcastle Project Space (2015), in Utrecht Centraal Museum (2015) and in Neu Now Online Amsterdam (2016) among others.

Opening: Wednesday 28th March 2018 at 20.00

Opening hours:the show is accessible 24/7 to everyone who passes by.

Every Tuesday and Friday of April (except Friday 06.04) visitors will have the chance to "enter the vitrine" from 18:00-21:00.

Or by appointment at

Black & NoData
Noises of Parallel Disaster

28.06.2017 - 12.07.2017

Stoa 42 is thrilled to present Noises of Parallel  Disaster, an experimental project by Blaqk and NoData.


Based on the subject of urban noise and the way of escaping reality through parallel views of life, Noises of Parallel Disaster explores the functions of memory and how the city, the urban surroundings and contemporary life can affect our perception and pervade our minds, often transforming our memories and changing the idea of our past. Memory traces blend with our current experiences and fiction, often leading us to a distorted view of our past.


The collaboration through Blaqk and NoData is an ongoing experimentation project between form and image, texture and scenery. Simek and Greg (Blaqk) along with Markos Zouridakis (NoData) have been practicing graphic design and visual work together over two years of collaborations. In their work they mix different languages and mediums: Blaqks’ calligraphy, abstraction and geometry blends with the NoData’s photography and collage. Together they reflect on coexisting dualities and unexpected juxtapositions: past and present, reality and fiction, black and white, the collective practice and the individual gesture.


For the show at Stoa 42 they create a huge urban collage, in connection to the history of the space, a former photographic shop. The past of the space finds its perfect expression of reviving through the contemporary nostalgia of the three young artists.


On the occasion of the opening, a silkscreen print will be presented. At the opening the artists will be present.

Opening: Wednesday 28th June 2017 at 20.00

Angus Braithwaite
You are on the stairs

06.01.2017 - 25.01.2017

Stoa 42 is pleased to announce the solo show You are on the stairs by british artist Angus Braithwaite. 

Angus H. Braithwaite (Cumbria, 1984) lives and works in London. After completing his BA Fine Arts in Newcastle University, Angus moved to London where he continued his artistic practice at SLADE School of Art. He has shown across Europe, in Sweden, Germany and Cyprus.

Angus Braitwaite creates works that are based on narratives and story telling, that stem from a subconscious process based on deep seeded memories, personal stories, visual and art historical references. His works act as a dialogue between various mediums, such as performance, photography and video making, writing and installations that often take on the role of actors. 

For his show in Athens he will be presenting You are on the stairs, an animated sculpture by a series of narrative based instructions.

A unique installation created exclusively for the opening of Stoa 42.

Opening: Friday 6th January at 19.00

On the occasion of the exhibition a limited edition silkscreen print by Angus Braithwaite has been released, printed by Tind Silkscreen. 

© 1983, Stoa 42

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